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Hey this may be a bit late but I was wondering where you found the lace heels from? I really liked it and was hoping to get one myself maybe?

Hi! :)

I love those lace heels too!! But unfortunately I just found them on google images. Sorry!!


Hi guys!! :) This girl is amazing and RUNNING the length of New Zealand to raise money for child cancer! Please help support her through this and make a donation to such a worthy cause!! X‎

18yo Victoria Taylor is on track to break the record for running the length of NZ. They project her to finish in 32-33 days, though she wants 30! The record is held by Lisa Tamati at 43 days. Today she ran for 85km in 15 hours!

She has raised over $5000 for child cancer thus far. If you would like to donate click here: http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/VictoriaTaylorNZRUN/

You can follow her the trials of the last few days (she just passed through Christchurch last night) on http://www.nzrun.com/topic/12807-Length-of-NZ-Runs. Dave Kenedy is cycling next to her, and giving commentary on this website.

I like your blog very much. :)

Aw, thank you so much!! I just checked out yours- it’s so cute!! :)

via dolliecrave

via dolliecrave